Similar to painting and dancing, music is one of the clearest mark of human creativity. However, many people just consider music as a source of enjoyment and relaxation without knowing that it could also be the greatest source of motivation and creation. Using music to enhance the efficiency of work has been researched and analyzed for a long time, but this is still a controversial problem without ending. How about you? Do you think music can help you or anyone like you to create and imagine better?

Music and Life – The Vital Connection

Have you ever spent a day without hearing any kinds of tunes or songs? Nowadays, with the development of the entertainment industry, we experience hundreds of melodies on a daily basis, regardless of our desire. They appear everywhere, anytime without our awareness. That’s the reason why the question about the effectiveness of music to the concentration and productivity of humans becomes essential to our lives.

Songs and our mind

Human is spending more time working in front of the computer and other types of modern devices. So does music would really be one of our necessary way to make ourselves less tired and work more efficiently?

Below are some benefits of music in supporting us complete the tasks:

1. Music Helps the Work Become More Enjoyable

With the development of our society, people tend to have to rely heavily on 5 to 9 jobs, which means that the employees have to do the same task over and over on a daily basis. If there is no solution, one can’t stand such a repetitive job like that and might lose his mind before he could realize. Those tasks have such a low demand of creation; therefore, they don’t require high level workers. In this case, music is a good treatment to boost up the spirit of them while working. In addition, with the help of music, employees feel more comfortable with the job and want to contribute more on what they are doing.

For example, researchers at factories show an amazing result about the effectiveness of music to the productivity of workers. While listening to music, there is no such thing called distraction happening in any assembly lines. In fact, the workers feel more comfortable and complete tasks better than usual, which is rarely seen even when their salaries are raised.

Study better with music

In fact, it is not because of the music that makes workers feel better, it is actually about the boosted up moods. However, music does have some kinds of positive impacts to the productivity and the mental conditions, even in the most boring situation.

Recently, realizing the benefits of music to workers’ moods and productivity, many factories allow the BGM to be turned on in an acceptable volume. This way has two major effects:

  • Reduce the noises from the assembly lines by replacing them with music
  • Lift up the mood of workers so as to enhance the work efficiency

2. Music Is a Way to Escape from The Noise and Fast – Paced Life

You must be agreeing with this statement:” Noisy workplace is such a disaster for people who need concentration in their tasks. Open – office is not for everyone”. Maybe you are the one who can ignore the noises easily and focus on your books or notes, but to people like me, it is not an easy task at all. In this situation, music is a private and most suitable solution. On a research, music is proven to be helpful in offices because it can help office employees to complete tasks faster and come up with new ideas.

Open spaces give you more chances in collaborating and communicating, but you also have to pay by losing your space as well. With people who are trying to do things that require handful skills or focused mind, it would be such a challenge working under those pressures and distractions. A pair of headphones is the ideal way to solve it.

Study music

Escaping from the hustle and the bustle of the busy is not as hard as you think. So if you are an office employee with a boring job, remember that headphone is your best friend, and music is your world.

3. Using Ambient Noise

Many people would ask that why noises can be the concentration music. Honestly, human is not the only one knows how to create sounds and rhythms. That’s why ambient sounds such as sea waves, rain drops, birds… are called “natural music”. During the sessions of creation, people often look for atmospheric space such as the beach, the wood or rainy day. If they don’t have condition to move to those places, then the ambient noise can partly solve the problem.

Basically, some particular noises can be regarded as having the same effect as music, but when using them as the background music, you have to choose the noise level carefully.

The moderate noise level is very good for information, transmitting, but it is like a very thin line. Using them can help you to be more creative, but you must not use loud noise because they can easily cut off your thinking line and do more hams than you think.


Though there are many debates about the effects of music to human mental and physical condition, we still know that somehow the music can have good impacts on the mood of the listener. That’s the reason why music has always been one of the most effective ways to let our hair down after work.

In addition, learning to play a musical instrument or taking part in music – related activities also provides favorable conditions for people to break their own limits as well as make friends with people who share the same passion. The world of music can bring us far from our lives and enhance our creativity and productivity.

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