With the development of the society, we tend to work more and spend more time using the computer and other types of modern devices so as to complete our tasks, that’s the main reason why we feel boring and tired in weekdays – just sit all day and do repetitive tasks over and over. Fortunately, there is a free solution for this problem – the concentration music. It provides favorable condition for us to escape from the annoying and busy space of open – office or assembly lines and free our creativity as well as let our hair down.

However, choosing concentration music, or in other words – background music is not an easy task because of its features and how it affects our physical and mental health. In this article, we will show you some basic knowledge about this type of music and how to choose the most suitable one according to your personality and demands.

What Is Concentration Music?

Some people might think it is some kind of classical masterpieces, played by the symphony orchestra and very hard to listen to. It is completely wrong. Concentration music can’t be defined as a particular type of music. It can be any genre, as long as it gives you the comfort, space and help you boost up your concentration.

Study with music

A person can use his or her favorite types of music to create the playlist of concentration music if he or she feels that with those songs, focusing on the study is not a difficult task anymore. For example, many people in my office love classical music and solo pieces because they feel peaceful when listening to them. However, I myself love electronic music, so in my playlist, half of them are EDM tracks. Music for concentration can’t be limited to any type of music as long as you think that those songs would be fine and can enhance your productivity.

Moreover, there are people who don’t like the songs, they love using ambient noises to be the key to the world of concentration. It is quite good because many researches indicate that moderate noise level can have positive effects on the thinking line of a person. These noises are called “natural songs”. It can be the rain, the fire or even the ocean waves.

What Should I Know When Choosing Concentration Music?

Music is considered the highest peak of human in imagination and creation, that’s the reason why it has huge impacts on our mind and body. Using music to increase the work performance is proven to be correct, but not to anyone and not by any type of music. We should know the connection between the music and our mood, so as to adjust the tempo and beats.

In fact, concentration music doesn’t really make us smarter, but when they affect our mood, we can feel more comfortable when working or studying and complete the tasks easier. In addition, concentration music is also known as the effective way to release our stress as well as reduce the bad impact of surrounding noises, especially in open offices or factories.

Music for concentration

So who would need this type of music most? Researches indicated that everyone can use music on a daily basis while working or studying. This is especially effective in helping people to focus on their tasks as well as enhancing the productivity and generating new ideas.

How Can We Choose Concentration Music?

Of course, there would be no oblige guides here, it is up to your choice to decide your concentration music playlist, but below are some notices and suggestion so that you won’t waste too much time searching and replacing the songs too much.

  • Restrain the lyrics: Researches show that if you are doing takes requiring low levels of creation, music with lyrics can be quite useful, but it won’t be the same if you need the space to focus on more complicated tasks. The lyrics of the music might be a harmful factor for you. Listening to music with lyrics is like talking to another person and doing your work at the same time. It would be so distracting to people who really need to concentrate.

Background music

  • Use the familiarity to choose concentration music: In fact, nothing can be compared to songs that are familiar to your mind, especially those are attached to your happy memories as well as having bright tones and gradual tempo. It would lift up your mood and make you feel better even in the worst situation. Working under this condition is the best for you to concentrate on your studying because you don’t need to know much about the songs, just focus on your study instead. Nothing can compare with the songs that you know best that you already know its melodies and beats. They require less attention; thus make you focus more on your main tasks.

Concentration Music Examples

Though you can surely pick your own songs, these are some most used types of music that you should pay attention to and give them a try

  • Classical music: This is one of the most popular choices for concentration music because they don’t have lyrics, the duration is rather long and you don’t have to understand the pieces, just listen to the melodies.
  • Electronic music: It might be weird, but there are some types of EDM tracks can help you enhancing the productivity. Not all of the tracks are loud and noisy, chill music and future beats is quite fine to be concentration music. The lyrics are also simple and don’t need to be heard.

In conclusion, concentration music is one of the most effective ways to boost up your mind and enhance the creativity as well as productivity. However, it still relies on each individual to choose and use the music properly. The environment around you is very important and decide more than 40% of your productivity, so choose wisely and think before playing the music.

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