Most people now don’t use record players as well as vinyl records anymore because there are so many substitutions such as smartphones, iPods, and other portable music player devices. However, with a majority of real music lovers, the image of a record player with a shelf of vinyl record collection is still such a dream that can’t be achieved easily. You can buy best record players easily, but a storing and preserving vinyl record is such a task of challenge that not anyone can do properly. In this post, I will show you some simple steps to store those records correctly and avoid physical damages as much as possible.

Vinyl record

With music listeners who don’t really like playing music by record players and those who are not a fan of vinyl records, one of the most common reasons is about the quality of vinyl. When you play an old, unprotected vinyl, you can see many problems while it spins such as crackles, snaps, pops or even hisses. Just a small mistake can ruin the whole quality of the record. However, there is nothing can compare with the song played by a vinyl record because of the original sounds and the way sounds are produced.

Nowadays, buying a new vinyl record can cost you a fortune in comparison with other sources of music. That’s the reason why storing and preserving is so vital to maintaining the quality of your products and lower the cost of your collection, not mentioning old records that must be cared even better. So how can you solve this problem?

So as to keep the quality of a vinyl player, there is some stuff you must prepare. They can be easily bought from any audio shops; some can be bought on the Internet:

  • Inner Sleeves
  • Outer Sleeves
  • Vinyl Bags
  • Shelves
  • Record Dividers
  • Archive Storage
  • Mobile Vinyl Box
  • Vinyl Bag

In this article, I will give you some brief instruction to make use of these tools at home without having any troubles.

Inner Sleeves

You can buy it easily with just a call to the manufacturer. You should pay about 16 pounds to get 50 packs which are quite acceptable. The recommended size is 12 inches since the records are often made with the similar diameter.

Clean the vinyl

The inner sleeve is actually the item that contacts with the surfaces of the vinyl record. Therefore, the material must be chosen carefully. Inner sleeves made by the normal paper are the worst since they are similar to grain sandpaper that can scratch your records each time you put them in or pull them out.

So as to avoid those mistakes, you should make use of inners that are designed as a delicate plastic liner and with or without rounded – bottom variant. The rounded – bottom one is preferred since it can help users to get rid of struggling time to get paper inner into card sleeve.

Outer Sleeves

After using the inner sleeve to wrap your vinyl, it’s time to put in into the outer coat, which should be matched with the inner one. It can prevent most of the dust from sticking to the surface of the records.

Many people prefer using plastic samples, but according to my experiences, it’s not good at all since the think covers can be stuck to the record sleeve and pull the whole off. The cheaper and softer sleeves should be used since the functions can be guaranteed and you don’t have to care about the covers that might damage the artwork. The recommended size is either 10 inches or 7 inches according to your vinyl.

Vinyl Bags

This can be a good option to replace the outer plastic sleeve. They are often made of thick Myler whose quality is very high, and the vinyl bags can actually be used like outer sleeves as well. In addition, with the strip and the large flap at the top of the bags, it can pull most of the air out and create a better environment to store the vinyl records, especially when you are living in countries with high humidity. Using this type of bag can provide you the best protection though the price can be higher than using the single outer sleeve for each vinyl.

Vinyl collection


Making a shelf for your collection is very important so that you can make sure none of your vinyl records can be lost for any reason. If you are handy and have some skills in making wood furniture, a small shelf would be quite easy for you to craft on your own. However, in some cases especially when you are busy all the time, a shelf from IKEA is an acceptable choice as well. You can look for a typical one only to put your collection on, or some variations that have more designs for other devices such as TV or record player.

When choosing a shelf, don’t forget to take a look at the size of your collection to do some basic measures and choose the suitable size. The most common materials are wood and metal. They can withstand the weight of the vinyl records as well as additional accessories. Another thing that is important when choosing shelf is the brackets. You might want them to be firm and stay still so that the collection won’t collapse.

Choosing record player and vinyl records is quite hard, but preserving and maintaining their quality is even harder. With beginners who don’t have many practical experiences, it might be quite difficult to do those things at once. That’s the reason why listening to music by using record player is not only a hobby but also an art for people who really love music and special music devices. If you have any queries about this type of music player, don’t hesitate to leave a message on our blog. We will certainly help you with all we know. Good luck with the vinyl records!

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